About the Idiots

Hey up! We are Ellie and Eddie Bye. Married idiots from Leeds.

In 2018 we packed up our comfortable lives in the UK to teach English in Asia.

In 2017 we lost someone very close to our hearts, exactly 3 months before our wedding day. My beloved mum, Eddie’s mother-in-law.

Fuelled by our loss and new found appreciation for life, we decided to make a change. A week later we booked our places on a TESOL course in Hanoi and have never looked back.

Currently we both teach English full-time in Hanoi and are using our free time to see the world!

Things we love:

  • A decent pint (actual pint, as in 473ml)
  • Live music
  • Napping at the most inappropriate times
  • The sea/beach
  • Binge worthy TV
  • Feeling uncomfortable and out of our depth
  • Non shower days (“liberating”)
  • NEW ENTRY – Writing about stuff

This is our ongoing account of everything Vietnam, TESOL, teaching and travelling in between. We will share everything we have learned along the way and we’ll try to inspire you, and not to put you off.